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The Breach App

Welcome, to the support page for the Breach Malifaux app. Below is a handy walkthrough for how to use the app. If you have questions or issues you can email me.

Crew Creator

The Crew Creator here is the same one that is hosted on it you expand the Crew Options section in order to set the game size, faction, leader, and totem. beneath that is the model and mercenary hiring lists. Clicking the '+' next to these will add the selected model to your crew. Finally we have the Crew list. Here you can review information about your crew such as hired models, remaining soulstones, total soulstone cache, as well as adding upgrades to models here. Clicking the '+' next to a model will add another copy of that model to your crew, while the 'x' will remove it. Also the '+' and 'x' next to the upgrades will add the selected upgrade to the specified model.

Stratgies & Schemes

This page is a Strategy & Scheme generator similar to the lazyfaux app that was developed. On this page, you will see sections for deployment, strategy, and schemes. If you select any of the collapsed areas, they will expand to provide more information on the related subject. The menu options on this page include 'Generate', which will randomly generate an encounter and show the associated card filps, and 'Select Encounter', which allows users to manually select the encounter of their choice.

Summoning Lists

This page shows the summoning lists for all masters who summon multiple models. The menu button in the top right corner can be used to change the master.


This is the most recent up to date FAQ for Malifaux M2E released. This will be updated as new versions are released.

Web Links

These links provide quick access to, and Pull My Finger


  1. Great app. Any plans to update it? If not would you be willing to hand it off to someone for dev?

    1. I heard from him that he's redoing the app, though there is not any dev to follow that I can see. I hope it's coming soon. If not, I'll have to look into writing something like this as points costs being off and the inability to select my schemes are items that make it hard to use to it's fullest potential. It would be nice to have the various Strategy&Scheme variations added as the come out too.

  2. is there anyway to get this for ios anymore ive had to wipe my phone and can no longer get it in the app store